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Australian Technology Brokers  Telecommunications Broker 

Is your business getting sick of getting inundated calls from telco companies trying to save you money?

Are you confused with all these different plans?

Do you wonder which telecommunications carrier would be the best fit for your business?

Has your business ever been pressured into signing a phone or hardware contract that has in fact left you paying more than what was proposed?

Are you losing track of the sales people or account managers that sold you the solution in the first place?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then you are one of millions of customers who have to deal with these issues.

Australian Technology Brokers takes the confusion away from these issues and provides your business with the following:

  • An unbiased review of your services, providing you with ALL the information. Even the information that is sometimes conveniently left out by some sales people.
  • One account manager, stays with you no matter which provider you decide to move with.
  • We take away all the leg work with having to deal with a multitude of different sales people. We do all that work for you and provide you with an analysis based on your requirements.
  •  Over 10 years of telecommunications experience and expertise.
  •  We will make sure we get you the best deal as we can negotiate directly with the carriers.
  • We believe that all businesses are different and that different carriers might suit different businesses. We provide you with plan details, your monthly overheads and back end support structures for all the carriers, it’s then up to you who you decide to move with. We don’t favour one carrier over another.

We will support you.